By Nasser Al-Ostath represents the peak hand-coding speed of 200 bits per second, combined with a focus on AI programming, symbolizing the fusion of human coding prowess and advanced AI technology.

About The Founder

/////This Kuwaiti computer engineer is a highly skilled professional who leverages his knowledge of AI and Python programming to excel in the field of cybersecurity. Here’s a breakdown of his key areas of expertise and focus/////

~/AI and Python/ Applies his deep understanding of Python to develop automation solutions and cutting-edge research tools within the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

~/Cybersecurity focus/ Works at Kuwait Hackers LLC, known for his role as a speaker, trainer, and developer of AI-powered cybersecurity tools.

~/Community Leader/ Co-founded, an Arabic-language blog dedicated to exploring Python’s uses within AI and cybersecurity.

~/Daily Work/ Integrates Python and AI for various applications including automation and advanced tool creation.

~/Cutting-Edge Research/ Passionate about exploring how AI can transform future research.

~/Additional Interest/ Studies and investigates the complex relationship between AI,  social engineering, and human behavior with a focus of LLM-centric researches.

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